Cory Hunter is an artist from Miami, Florida who works at the intersection of Art and Science. He explains his main motivation as “capturing the creative moment”. Rather than creating an image, the intent of the work is to translate the psychographic energy of the artist’s movements, while allowing the physical properties of the medium to shape the resulting compositions. In this way, his work can be explained as aleatoric, where a portion of the creative process is left to chance. However, with a scientific understanding of chance, he contends there is room for technical expertise and experimentation. Amongst his techniques the most notable is the utilization of high-voltage electricity to burn fractal patterns into his canvas. These “Lichtenberg figures” are the result of high-voltage coming into contact with a non-conductive medium. Almost all organic forms can be explained through fractal geometry, and it can be said that Cory’s art is an exploration of how spontaneity is at once random and uniform. Stylistically, his work is a blend of classical oriental watercolor with contemporary pop art and abstract expressionism. His use of Gouache paint allows for strong, striking, color combinations while maintaining a delicate feel. Though the subject matter of his works varies, he explains that using recognizable iconography encourages a subjective interpretation of his work: “like finding figures in the clouds.”

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