Welcome to Art2pO, the premier website for buying and selling digital images. Upon purchase, each image is digitally watermarked by Ascribe and copy-protected using state-of-the-art encryption. The image is assigned a unique registry number and it, along with its legal owner’s information are registered with the Digital Fine Art Association (DFAA). When the image is resold, the next purchaser is also registered with the DFAA and the image re-watermarked.

DFAA stores all ownership information on every sold image, so that provenance and the ownership trail is retained. Owners and others can track images online both at Art2pO.com and DFAA.org.

When a person chooses to purchase an image, the image is delivered via secure email once payment is verified and confirmed. The images are meant for digital format high-resolution display on flat-screen TV’s and monitors. Now collectors worldwide can own and display original digital art created by established and respected artists as well as fresh art from new and as yet undiscovered artists.


Creators of original digital images (established and up-and-coming artists, photographers, etc.) upload their images to the website as available for sale. A brief description of the work, if desired, accompanies each piece. A commission of currently 15% of the selling price is charged to the artist on each sale. Artists may sell unique, one-of a kind images or a limited edition series of up to 100 images.


Buyers/collectors may browse the website and search for images using a wide range of parameters (by artist, price, genre, color, and country). A full-screen or closest approximation (based on file size) version of the image can be seen for optimal viewing. Upon deciding upon a purchase, the buyer must register with Art2p0 if not already a member. Art2p0 will charge a fee currently of $3.00 for each purchase, for the purpose of registration with the DFAA.

If an owner wishes to resell an image, s/he must simply upload it to the website per the instructions, entering the desired price. As the image is already registered and tagged, and the owner recognized, nothing else needs to be done. As with artists, a commission of 15% of the selling price is charged to the seller on each sale. If a collector wishes to remain anonymous to the general public, DFAA will keep their information secure for a nominal fee (currently $25). If another collector wished to purchase an image owned by ‘anonymous’, they can contact the owner through a secure channel which does not divulge owner’s information.


Galleries may buy and sell individual images and collections on behalf of artists, given that they have the artist’s written authorization. Each gallery will be provided with their own page with links to their own website to promote the gallery. Galleries will be charged a reduced commission of 12% if they upload more than 3 artists.